Pressure Vessel and Tank Inspection

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ARI delivers expert inspection capability in pressure equipment inspection, pressure equipment design verification, tank inspection, and weld inspection.  Our competent inspection team is backed by an engineering team that can offer additional services such as engineering assessment or finite element analysis.  This competency means that ARI is trusted the be the inspection partner for a number of sites across Australia. Additionally to this, on request, ARI performs vendor inspections internationally for items destined for Australia. 

Pressure Vessel Inspection

In Service Pressure Vessel Inspection


Pressure Vessel Inspection is legislated at a State and Federal level in accordance with AS3788 to ensure continued safe use. ARI provides competent inspectors who are API/AICIP/ASME certified and experienced in working with a vast range of vessels with different hazard classifications.

Portable Compressors

Any air receiver at a workplace must be inspected as stated in the Occupational Safety and Health Act making it a legislative requirement. The inspections are required to be performed by In-service Inspectors of pressure equipment, such as our certified inspectors. The frequencies for these inspections are normally two yearly as per AS3788 Table 4.1.  The reason for this all inclusive requirement is because the definition of Pressure Equipment requiring inspection, being any pressure vessel with a hazard level of A,B,C,D as per AS4343.  This requirement essentially captures all air receivers in the workplace, regardless if they require individual item registration.

Winery Pressure Vessels

The process of producing wine requires several types of pressure vessels,  these include but are not limited to grape presses, air receivers and chillers.  These vessels fall under the OH&S Regulations definition of “Pressure Equipment” requiring inspection, being any pressure vessel with a hazard level of A,B,C,D as per AS4343.

ARI can assist with all pressure vessel owner responsibilities by inspecting pressure vessels, calculating hazard levels and assisting owners with item registration requirements.

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Pressure Vessel Design & Verification

Our experienced engineers can design verify pressure vessels to AS1210, ASME VIII and other suitable design standards as listed in AS1200 Table 2.1.   Additionally, ARI can manage the entire application process for a design approval number with the State or Territory regulator of your choice. We have the capability to design, verify and determine fitness for service for pressure equipment utilising Australian and International standards.  This is done by either calculation or finite element analysis (FEA) for complex designs and sometimes a combination of both

Tank Inspection in Accordance With API653

Bulk storage tanks are assets that are critical to businesses in a wide range of industry sectors, and ARI is aware of this.  ARI provides API-653 or similar internal and external tank inspection solutions to satisfy surveillance and compliance requirements.

Inspectors for API 653 Aboveground Storage Tanks are required to have a comprehensive knowledge base and undergo recurring training, specific to the examination of storage tanks.

ARI has the full capability with regard to tank inspections including;  MFL floor scanners, tank settlement laser equipment, and ultrasonic robotic crawlers.

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