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Storage Tank Inspection

Above-ground storage tanks require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure safe operation, reduced risk, and regulatory compliance.



ARI provides API-653 or similar internal and external tank inspection solutions to satisfy both surveillance and compliance requirements.

End-to-end assurance or code compliance services include the following assessments:

External visual inspection: A detailed examination of the tank’s external surfaces, including the shell, roof, and foundation, to identify signs of damage, corrosion, or other defects.

Internal visual inspection: A detailed examination of the tank’s interior surfaces, including the floor, walls, and roof, to identify signs of corrosion, pitting, cracking, or other defects.

Tank bottom evaluation via Magnetic Flux Leakage: A thorough examination of the tank’s bottom to identify any signs of corrosion, cracking, or deformation.

Ultrasonic thickness testing: To measure the thickness of the tank’s shell, roof, and floor to identify any areas of thinning or corrosion.

Settlement survey: A survey of the tank’s foundation to measure any settlement or movement that may have occurred and to identify any potential structural issues.

Leak testing is a test to detect leaks in the tank’s floor, roof or shell using a vacuum pressure unit.

Weld inspection: A visual and non-destructive testing examination of new or existing welds in the tank’s shell, roof, and floor to identify any defects.



ARI can provide the inspection and evaluation of a wide variety of above-ground storage tanks, including an engineering fitness for service, recommended best practices, as well as advice on remediation and future recommended inspection frequency.

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