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Collaboration with Total Heat Treatment Services

ARI have teamed up with Total Heat Treatment Services to provide the high level heat treatment services that our clients require. THT Services is a wholly owned and operated Australian company. Established in 2011 in Adelaide, South Australia and Melbourne, Victoria by its owners Rick Taylor and Lester Mora. 

THT Services has extensive experience in Heat Treatment,  during the fabrication, repair and maintenance on pressure equipment, pipework and structural items. This service can be delivered Australia-wide and has the capability to take on major outages and projects. 

ARI and THT Services have worked collaboratively on many projects to date and by doing so reduces the administrative burden of working with separate suppliers.

On-Site Pre-Heating

Pre-Heating is a very effective means of preventing weld metal or base metal cracking. It is the application of heat to the base metal prior to welding or cutting operation. It does not change the properties of the steel, but it is advisable under certain conditions to drive off moisture and helps to ensure even expansion to eliminate undesirable stresses. Pre-Heating during welding delays the cooling effect thus preventing the formulation of an under bead crack.

On-Site Post Weld Heat Treatment

Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) assists further in the removal of Hydrogen from the weld zone. It softens both the weld metal and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), as well as reduces internal stresses caused by welding, quench hardening, or by cold working. Stress Relieving can alleviate distortion problems in metal, can improve the properties of the joint, reduce the risk of brittle fracture, and improves the resistance to stress corrosion. Post Weld Heat Treatment is an important and cost effective process because it has an advantageous effect on the elasticity, ductility and strength of the metal.

Furnaces / Mobile Panelled Furnaces

THT Services’ facilities include fully equipped furnaces capable of heating items up to 6.8 metres. The workshop also has various sizes of electric furnaces suitable for smaller items and for items unable to be transported to the workshop due to their size and/or other constraints we can design and build temporary furnaces for our clients on-site. The assembly of panelled furnaces on-site is a very commonly requested procedure.

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Contact us sending a message or give us a call to discover how we can help.